I’ll make a full update tomorrow, but RS is really pissing me off. I’m in the 800+ battle point. I have several open quests that I can do, but every time I try one, I run into some monster that does more damage than my max HP, to all characters, with one attack (e.g. breath attack or a spell). Not all the monsters do that so I can just keep saving and loading, but I sure hope I don’t have to do this from now until the end of the game. I have the best armor that I can buy at this stage, but it doesn’t seem to help. This game is a mess overall, but I hope I can at least find some way to finish it.

One thought on “Arrrgh

  1. Atantuo

    Sorry to hear the game's being such a pain towards the end. Good luck on finishing it as quickly and non-rage inducingly as possible. 諦めるな!


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