SRPG 93 – Langrisser V Finished (PS1)

Stage 31 – This is another one like the “escape fire” stage from earlier where you just have to take a few units up to activate switches while the rest wait for the reinforcements.

Stage 32 – This is Rainforce’s last stage. Ballistas in this game are much weaker than they are in previous games. I never fully learned how they worked; they can’t fire every round but there were also times for me when they couldn’t fire for several rounds. Their move was so low in any case that I usually just went with high elves instead if I wanted some ranged units. This is not a bad map since Rainforce never moves so you can clear out the rest of the enemies and then get him.

Stage 33 – I made this stage a lot harder on myself than it had to be by misreading the goals. I thought you had to defeat Glob within 20 turns, but the goal is to either defeat Glob or wait until turn 20 (and don’t let the Technician die or get blocked in so he can’t reach the device in time). As turn 20 hit I was afraid I had to repeat the stage again but I got the victory.

At this point I had pretty much given up on making Mariandell and Clarett good — I was told that the magic users were overpowered but I really struggled to use them well. They were occasionally useful to Decline + Magic a tricky boss, but in general I found that the other units (even Alfred!) were far more useful to me. By the end I had everyone in 4th class except Sigma who was a Hero (5th class).

However, this meant I did not get Teleport.

Stage 34 – Even when glob breaks the bridge, as long as I moved fairly slowly and took out the enemies as I went, the meteors I got hit with weren’t a big deal.

Stage 35 – This is an interesting scenario where your guys are split between multiple paths and have to fight on their own. Clarett and Alfred couldn’t deal with it and had to retreat. I also had to reload a few times when I moved too far too quickly and got creamed by magic spells, but in the end even with the 20 turn limit I was fine. By now I was mostly just going for the enemy commanders.

Stage 36 – The last stage is not especially difficult, and Omega is not really a final boss. You start with just Sigma and have to release your trapped companions (although they can release each other too). There aren’t very many enemies, and Omega will get distracted fighting the guardians. I took him out with Decline-Magic before he even attacked my own forces and then cleaned up the remnants.

It’s been a while since I beat a Langrisser game so I forgot how brutal the endings are for your characters if they got killed even once. Clarett turns into a dictator and her people turn on her. Alfred dies at sea due to pirates. Brenda also died (I forget how). Langford and Sigma are the only ones who had happy endings.

So that’s the end not only of L5 but of the “real” Langrisser games. I would say I liked this one better than 4 and much better than 3, but that 2/Der is still my favorite. This one had a weird plot that jumped all over the place and involved spaceships, and I just prefer the traditional grid format to what they did here.

I’m going to be on vacation for a few weeks so I don’t know what posts (if any) will be up; I’m hoping to do a Langrisser retrospective and then I am currently playing Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. I should have a post up next Saturday at least.

2 thoughts on “SRPG 93 – Langrisser V Finished (PS1)

  1. Harvey

    > I was told that the magic users were overpowered but I really struggled to use them well

    This is kind of true, but it’s a bit misleading… the main problem with unit balance (in all Langrisser games) is that the game favors playstyles wherein you focus all your EXP on a select few commanders. Yeah, Lambda and Claret have the POTENTIAL to be really overpowered, but if they’re not getting EXP, then they’re gonna suck.

    Lamba starts to snowball once she gets to T3, but until then, she’s mediocre or outright bad. On the other hand, Sigma and Alfred are probably the easiest to feed EXP due to their availability and ease of killing things in the early chapters. Sigma in particular is ridiculous; you can exploit the character creation quiz to give him stats on par with T3 units, and he only gets better from there. He’s arguably the most overpowered Langrisser character in history, with DL Hane being the only other contender for the title. (Unless of course, we’re counting Tensei characters, who are all stupidly OP.)

    > I would say I liked this one better than 4 and much better than 3, but that 2/Der is still my favorite.

    That’s how most of us Langrisser fans feel, at least from what I’ve seen. Personally, I love all the games — even Langrisser 3, which I can actually appreciate now — but 1 + 2 and their various remakes will always be my favorite. Langrisser 2 is my favorite game ever made, and it’s a huge part of what inspired my lifelong love for the SRPG genre.

  2. Dastrem

    Hello, I hope you appreciate Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, I really love this game. 🙂
    Don’t hesite to draw some map, it can help you.


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