Cut game – Slayers Royal

I’m skipping Slayers Royal (and SR 2) — it’s a game that technically qualifies as an SRPG but only barely.

The game is of course based on the well-known Slayers series. It has a lot of voice-acted scenes and anime sequences made specially for the game, so I imagine big Slayers fans were pretty happy about it (the series is still running as novels, I learned).

However, the gameplay is pretty weak. One of the hard things to deal with is that Lina and the others are supposed to be ridiculously powerful, so they can’t start at level 1. The SFC game dealt with this by making the main character a memory-loss Lina, but here they just have them powerful from the start. The only progression you get is some stat up items when you kill some monsters.

Also the battle system is another AI-controlled one. You can issue orders but then you just watch everything play out in real time, and it moves pretty slowly (on a grid map so I don’t know why they didn’t just make it a normal system).

I’m not sure this is actually a bad game, but it’s right on the line of what I consider an SRPG and it doesn’t seem quite fun enough for me to play it more. So after Terranigma this weekend, the next game will be Shinseiden Megaseed.

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