Five years!

It’s been five years since I made my introduction post on the Super Famicom blog. I’m about 60% finished with the Super Famicom library, but it will be another few years until I play the last game on that list. Thanks to everyone who has read and commented over the years.

Tomorrow or Sunday I will post Harukaze Sentai V-Force, a (barely) strategy RPG that tries to use lots of anime sequences to tell the story, but leaves them with no much room to make a game.

Then will come Rejoice: The Reaches of Aretha Kingdom, an action RPG, and then La Wares, a regular RPG that is known as a kusoge.

2 thoughts on “Five years!

  1. Methuselah

    You are doing a massive service to the rpg loving community at large. Thank you!

    I have been following along for a few years and am looking forward to your coverage of Rejoice (and Solid Runner in a few years), and can attest to La Wares being lukewarm.

    1. kurisu Post author

      Thank you for the kind words. I believe that Solid Runner is the last game on my list (since Fire Emblem 5 will be done in the SRPG order). I hope we’re both still around then!


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