SRPG Game 13 – Macross: Eien no Love Song (Stages 21-29)

Stage 21

The enemies are somewhat strong, but they’re weak enough that area-effect grenades tear them apart.

Stage 22

Nothing too tough here. There’s a wall of NPCs in front of you but just advancing slowly and taking out the units squad by squad is easy.

Stage 23

You can either beat all enemies or have Quamzin’s ship escape to the right. I just let him escape; it takes a while but then it’s not necessary to beat all the enemies.

Stage 24

I finally got Misty’s final unit in this stage, where she can send out two funnels. The funnels don’t do a lot of damage, but they are basically impossible to hit and their low HP attract enemy fire, so they’re incredibly useful. Getting Misty and Kiryuu to level 18 as quickly as possible makes this game much easier.

Stage 25

Kiryuu’s funnels came here. This is the first of a few inside maps; the Prometheus can’t move from the initial spot but it’s still not too tough. The funnels have such high move that even if the reinforcements surprise you, they can distract them enough that the ship won’t get taken out.

Stage 26

Quamzin’s new mech is the target; with most of the upgraded mechs this wasn’t that hard.

Stage 27

This stage is fairly challenging. You have 20 turns to survive, or beat the enemies. I started off by moving down and sending the funnels up. This distracted the enemies enough that I could clean up the bottom of the map and then move up and take out the rest. Brittai shows up but is no help.

Stage 28

I believe reinforcements are endless on this stage so all you can do is head to the right and get the Prometheus to the right side of the screen. 

Stage 29

For the last stage you only get Kiryuu and Misty, which would be bad if they’re not in their final forms. The funnels can distract the enemies long enough for you to beat Quamzin, which is the real goal. I got confused because after you beat Quamzin, he appears again in a weak grunt unit, and you have to kill that to finish the stage. I didn’t notice this and just headed up to where the supposed boss is, but there’s nothing you can do there. 

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