Game list (1994, September – December)

Rather than a game update this week, I will post my list of games for the remainder of 1994. This begins with a list I cobbled together from various sources; the bold games are the ones I’m actually going to play. This is the last major release period for the PC Engine — there are 6 in this block of games. But after this, there are only 6 games in all of 1995 and just one in 1996. So anyone who is wishing I would stop playing these PC Engine games and focus on SFC will get their wish soon.

  • The Glory of Heracles IV: Gift from the Gods 
  • Startling Odyssey 2 (PCE)
  • Basted (PCE) – I initially had this on the list but it does not qualify as an ARPG for me; there’s no equipment, levels, or items. It’s more an adventure/actino game.
  • Feda: Emblem of Justice – SRPG, already done on the other blog.
  • Ilvanian Castle – I’ve seen some places categorize this as an SRPG but to me it’s just a strategy game; all of your units are nameless grunts you summon.
  • Shin Megami Tensei if… 
  • Magna Braban: Wandering Heroes 
  • Monster Maker Kids: I want to be a king! — I’m skipping all of these “RPG board game” hybrids because as far as I can tell, they have no real story mode or plot and most of them can’t be played solo. If anyone knows of one of these games (for Super Famicom) that can be played solo, or that does have some kind of plot, let me know.
  • Ultima VII Black Gate – English release, also a horrible port of a great PC game.
  • We’re Hiring Heroes Now: Seconds – Same comment as Ilvanian Castle above.
  • Gotzendeinner (PCE) – Some sites list this as an RPG but it’s more of an action/puzzle game.
  • Cosmic Fantasy 4 Part 2 (PCE) – I did part 1 but I don’t see the point of trying part 2; part 1 wasn’t that good.
  • Aretha II: Ariel’s Mysterious Journey
  • Breath of Fire II 
  • Dokapon 1-2-3: Friendship that Calls a Storm  (RPG boardgame)
  • The Last Battle 
  • Sugoroku Quest++ (RPG boardgame)
  • Lodoss War II (PCE) 
  • Albert Odyssey 2 – SRPG, done on other blog.
  • Daikaiju Monogatari 
  • Power of the Hired – SRPG, done on other blog.
  • Ryu Knight 
  • Fangs of Alnam (PCE)
  • Dual Orb II
  • Travelers (PCE) 

A lot of sequels here. BoF II is the most notable game here but hopefully some of the others will be good as well.

5 thoughts on “Game list (1994, September – December)

  1. Kergon

    Hi Kurisu,

    Some great games on that list! I've played and finished The Glory of Heracles IV: Gift from the Gods, Aretha II: Ariel's Mysterious Journey, Breath of Fire II and Daikaiju Monogatari. I've also played, but yet to finish Magna Braban and Dual Orb II. The best game on that list IMO is The Glory of Heracles IV, that game is loads of fun! The gimmick is that you can possess NPC's (and there are a lot of them!), so that they become playable characters (with all sorts of new abilities and dialogue). As such it has great replay value. The only downside is that is quite short. Aretha II is also a short game and although nothing spectacular, still great fun. I also really like Daikaiju Monogatari, more so because of the interesting world and characters than because of its gameplay. As for Dual Orb II…get ready for an insance encounter rate :(.

    At any rate I'm really looking forward to your views on those games!

  2. gamerindreams

    Hopefully Startling Odyssey…wait for it…surprises us with some amazing RPGing. But amazing progress Kurisu! I'm also looking forward to Breath of Fire II and Glory of Heracles to see how they play…

  3. Anonymous

    Götzendeinner's an interesting one but I saw it as less RPG and more Prince of Persia with an isometric view and a few annoying puzzles that tend to need exact placement of objects. Hoped for more of a climax to it all too, but I didn't dislike it, despite the odd room the PCE choked on the size of lagging the game a bunch – as an atmospheric bit of exploration and the occasional sword fight there's stuff to like. Also very English-friendly and the ending cutscene is the only time any dialog whatsoever appears. No real 'hidden gem' but there's nothing like it on PCE.

  4. Kurisu

    Yeah after further investigation I've taken that one off my list — it doesn't appear to be an RPG and it doesn't seem to get that much praise.


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