Game list April – Aug (SFC)

Here’s my master list for the next period:

Out of these, the bolded ones are SRPGs I already played. I do not intend to play the Ocean Fishing game, and a few of these I’m not sure if they are RPGs or not. Especially Mahoujin Gururu 2, since the 1st one didn’t quite measure up.

Sorry for the short post but I needed some padding in July thanks to illness and vacation — but I am fully recovered from Covid and back from my vacation so I am playing Rudra no Hihou (alongside some Another Eden) and we should be able to move forward at a steady clip now.

5 thoughts on “Game list April – Aug (SFC)

    1. Carlos

      Yeah, I’m looking forward to it as well, as it doesn’t seem it’s gonna be translated soon. At least i’ll be able to know what the plot is about. I’ve heard it’s episodic.

      Daikaijuu 2 is also pretty good, just hindered in my opinion by the high encounter rate and its difficulty. But the rest of the game is up yo any of the AAA games on the snes around that time.

      Kurisu, I’m glad you got better already. Covid can be such a pain in the ass. I’ve had it a few times and has not been pleasant, though with not much stronger symptoms than that of a regular cold.

      1. Carlos

        Sorry, this post I’m replying to was meant to be a reply to Klein’s post about Gokinjo Boukentai, but I messed up apparently. That’s the game I was referring to in my post’s first paragraph.

  1. Kergon

    A strong list for sure. Some bangers on there. From the seven games that I played on that list I liked Daikaiju Monogatari 2 the most (apart from that overly long final Dungeon) followed by Treasure Hunter G and Rudra no Hihou.

    Might I also suggest using the bug fix patch for Hourai Gakuen no Bouken? Otherwise there a quite a few graphical glitches and crashes. Also your equipment won’t work :(. The patch only works with the English fan-translation though.


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