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As I’ve been going through the SRPG list, I’ve been trying to collect as many games as I can (cart in box so I get the instruction manual), while also not spending too much money. The basic way I do things is that when I finish a game, I buy the game that’s 4 places down on the list, as long as it’s less than $30 (I originally did this because pre-covid you could get things shipped from Japan for $2-3 if you used slow sea-mail shipping). Any game that’s above $30, or a game that I already have a different version of, gets put on a separate list. Each month I buy one game from that separate list. I’m not sure what I will do if I run out of sub-$30 games to buy.

Here’s my current collection in a convenient IKEA bookshelf:

And here’s my collection rate (* means I’ve played all the games for that system):

  • Famicom* 3/4
  • Game Boy 0/4
  • Game Gear* 0/5
  • Mega Drive 8/9
  • PC-Engine* 4/4
  • PC-FX 0/3
  • Super Famicom 19/32
  • Saturn 12/13
  • Playstation 11/14

PC Engine is the only one I have all the games for. All of the consoles except for Saturn (so far) have at least one game that’s over $80 (in some cases $150-200) so it will be a long time, if ever, before I complete those consoles.

One thought on “SRPG Collection

  1. Harvester of Eyes

    Pretty good collection. I wish it were higher resolution though; some of those titles with smaller text are harder to read. You have a lot of the more obscure titles that I don’t have, but I do have Thracia 776 in my collection at least!


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