SRPG Game 75 – TILK: The Girl from the Blue Sea Part 2 (PSX)

(This is the second post on this game.)

Chapter 3 – The Oannes, the People at the Bottom of the Sea

Billy tries to go out by himself to rescue Silky, but everyone obviously knows he’s going to do it and they all show up to help (even Jake). Meanwhile Gratz, the head pirate, is showing Silky the dresses he bought for his estranged daughter — he hopes that one day when he meets his wife and daughter again he can give the dresses as a present (Silky points out that she’ll be too big for them…I guess it’s the thought that counts).

Billy and the gang show up on the ship, and fight the pirates. After they win, Gratz threatens them with a gun, but a mysterious figure with a skull mask (Captain Skull) shows up and knocks the gun away, then they have to fight the pirates again.

After this fight, the pirates are about to retreat again, but Kars has had enough — he pulls out his own gun and shoots Billy, knocking him off the ship. Silky dives in after her. The skull mask guy seems to recognize Kars, and tries to intercept him, but Kars retreats. Robots come on to the ship, and the pirates and kids team up to fight them.

A few days pass, and everyone assumes Billy is dead. They’re all moping around in the treehouse, but Jake comes and insults them for being so weak — they realize he’s right and go to the beach to search for Billy. On the beach they fight some random monsters again, and then Silky shows up, giving them Billy back, who is alive.

Meanwhile we see a flashback. It turns out that Silky is one of the Oannes, the descendants of Bell (who appeared as a ghost in chapter 2). Her mother is the great priest of the tribe. By bringing Billy to the underwater area she has broken the rules of the tribe, which says that they cannot show themselves openly until the time is right. She must be banished, and her voice taken away.

Later Billy thanks Silky, but she can’t speak.

Then Silky is captured.

It’s Elrich, the little kid from the empire, who wants Silky as the key to open Eden. He leaves, leaving behind robots that Jake and Billy have to fight, along with the pirates who now want to help.

Elrich’s underlings, meanwhile, have analyzed the Emerald Tablets (I think Kars got them in the previous chapter; he turns out to have been one of Elrich’s underlings). They’re in a submarine, heading for Eden. Kars it trying to get Silky to talk so they can learn the secret of Tupshimaty, but of course she can’t talk. It also looks like Elrich’s main motivation is to get back at adults who treat him like a child — he’s the son of one of the higher-ups in the Empire.

Fortunately the pirates’ ship happens to have a submarine function as well — they haven’t used it before….fortunately it works. The pirates fire torpedoes at the Empire ship but the ship manages to get away, and reaches the island where Tupshimaty is being held. The kids and pirates catch up, and fight their way through Imperial forces and robots down into a building.

Eventually they meet up with Elrich, Kars, and Silky at a door. After beating up the Imperial troops, Kars shoots Captain Skull’s mask off and it turns out its Billy’s dad. He was once an Imperial soldier but deserted. In any case the victory of the kids is short lived because Elrich reveals his trump card — a huge robot called King Poseidon.

Elrich threatens to kill everyone if Silky doesn’t use the tablets to release Tupshimaty. She finally relents.

The power of Tupshimaty goes into King Poseidon, and Elrich is overjoyed — now he can use the robot to make sure no one ever looks down on him or insults him for being a kid again. However, his joy is short lived. King Poseidon starts to go haywire, and begins to destroy the temple. Kars is killed by falling rocks, and Elrich has to face death for the first time. This shocks him to the point where he realizes this isn’t a game, and he escapes with the pirates and kids back to the ships. Meanwhile King Poseidon continues to rampage, pulling down the temple.

Final Chapter – Goodbye to Our Island

Everyone makes it back to Tilk safely (except for Kars of course), but it turns out that King Poseidon was not destroyed. It reappears from the water and heads for Tilk. Elrich tries to run away, but Captain Gratz stops him and forces him to take responsibility for what he’s done and help us deal with King Poseidon. Unfortunately it has no weaknesses, but the group comes up with a plan — set off the volcano and cause a tsunami that will destroy the robot. Unfortunately this will destroy the island as well, so they have to evacuate everyone.

Billy and the other kids head back to their secret base to recover their box of treasures — the final battle is a bit of an anticlimax but I guess dealing with robots at the base has some meaning.

After that, it turns out that the Empire submarine they sent to cause the volcanic eruption was destroyed by King Poseidon. Billy heads down to the cape and finds Silky where he first met her.

Silky decides since Tupshimaty is the fault of the Oannes people, she’ll have to solve the issue as well. She breaks her tribe’s rules once again by talking.

Using the power called the Magnus Stone, she’s able to cause the eruption, but this means she will have to go back to her people to deal with the punishment for breaking the rules again.

Everyone escapes Tilk before the tsunami arrives. But since everything is destroyed, they are going to have to go their separate ways for a while will things are rebuilt. The pirates decide to go find Captain Gratz’s wife and daughter, and Elrich heads back to the Empire to face a court-martial for his deeds.

The kids meet one last time and divide their treasures on the shore. Now the game asks you to pick your favorite treasure (these are bonus “memory” items you get after certain battles).

I chose a picture that Fon took of the group.

The scene switches then to Billy showing the object to someone who seems to be his son. We’re many years later when Billy has moved back to Tilk, married, and had a kid.

Billy’s wife yells at them to come for dinner and stop wasting time. But as they go, Billy’s son hears a song from the sea (whether it’s Silky or another member of the tribe isn’t clear).

So that’s Tilk. Great story, characters, and setting, lousy gameplay.

3 thoughts on “SRPG Game 75 – TILK: The Girl from the Blue Sea Part 2 (PSX)

  1. Atantuo

    I guess the pirates weren’t so bad, after all.

    Funny coincidence with this game and the adaptation of “Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water” on Chet’s blog popping up within a couple of days.

    1. kurisu Post author

      He comes up with really obscure console games to play! At first I was afraid I had missed an SRPG but I don’t think it qualifies.

  2. cccmar

    This is one of few games I’ve read about on your blog that somehow I have only seen once or twice… it seems really obscure. The story seems quite interesting, shame about the gameplay, and well – too bad it ended up being largely forgotten right away. Always interesting to read about such games with a lot of potential, but issues regarding execution.


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