1996 Preview

Sangokushi Eiketsuden is going to take me a little while more and I don’t feel like making an intermediate post about it, so I’ll post the 1996 game list since I’m on the final 1995 game.

1996 is a longer list than any year before; from here there are many games each year until non-mobile games as a whole start to decline in the 2010s. The final SFC games (other than Fire Emblem 5) are here, and Saturn and Playstation will become the dominant platforms for several years. Lots of well known games here, though.

Games list:

  • Bahamut Lagoon (SFC) – I’m going to play this with the new English patch that byuu/near just released.
  • Power Dolls FX (PC-FX) – This is close to not being an SRPG but I think it qualifies.
  • Dragon Force (SAT) – I’ve heard that no emulator runs this correctly, although Kronos claims compatibility.
  • Der Langrisser FX (PC-FX) – Going for Independent/Chaos route
  • Fire Emblem: Genealogy of Holy War (SFC)
  • Treasure Hunter G (SFC) – I’m not entirely sure this is an SRPG by my definition but we’ll see when we get here.
  • Energy Breaker (SFC) – The last SFC game until 1999
  • Sakura Taisen (SAT)
  • Langrisser III (SAT)
  • Vandal Hearts (PSX/SAT) – Which platform?
  • Arc the Lad II (PSX)
  • Riglord Saga II (SAT)
  • Harukaze Sentai V-Force (PSX or SAT) – There are going to be a lot of PSX/SAT games in this section and I guess I’ll have to evaluate which one to do on a case-by-case basis I guess. Generally PSX emulation is more reliable than SAT but I think many times SAT has better sound?
  • Funky Fantasy (SAT)
  • Terra Fantastica (SAT)

In addition to those, I’ll be making posts about Masou Kishin and Shin Super Robot Taisen as before, with just overviews and old message board posts.

Skipped games:

  • Super Robot Taisen 4S (PSX) — this is notable as the first Super Robot Taisen game that has voicing, but it’s just a remake of the SFC game.
  • Sangokushi Eiketsuden (SAT/PSX) — As far as I can see, these are basically the same port as the SFC version so there’s no reason to play it separately.
  • Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre (PSX) – Same as above, this is too similar to the SFC version.
  • Farland Story FX (PC-FX) — This is a remake of FS1 for the Super Famicom. It actually has a lot of upgrades from the SFC Farland Story, with voiced dialogue and various interface improvements, but the game is still basically the same bad, boring, bland game as before.
  • Dragon Knight 4 (SFC) — I’ll be playing the Playstation version of this game in 1997.

Rejected games:

  • Taiko Risshinden — This series is listed by some sites as an SRPG series but it doesn’t fit my definition.
  • Monstania — I’m still not sure if this is an SRPG or just an RPG with grid battles.
  • SD Gundam Generation games — These don’t have any unique characters that stick with you and level up. I will be skipping the SDGGG games unless they’re the SRW-style crossover games like Gather Beat.
  • First Queen IV (PSX) – I initially had this on my list; while I did enjoy FQ1, this really isn’t an SRPG. It’s a rather unique combination of strategy and action, but it doesn’t really fit my definition.

One thought on “1996 Preview

  1. Atantuo

    An interesting list. For a change, there are a few games on it I'm familiar with! I'll be looking forward to Bahamut Lagoon and Treasure Hunter G, both of which I played for a bit but never finished – if you end up playing THG. I played Vandal Hearts years ago and remember liking it quite a bit, so that should be nice and nostalgic. No idea which platform to prefer, though.


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