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I got a comment from an anonymous user that aligned with something I had been thinking for a while — the progress on this blog has slowed down too much because of the SRPG blog. I want to do both projects, but I think doing a 1-to-1 alternation is naturally prioritizing the other blog because the SRPGs tend to be longer. Lately I haven’t even been averaging one game a month on this blog, which is far too slow.

I have two possible fixes for this — one is to do 2-to-1 favoring this blog unless the SRPG is very short (like Tenchi Muyo! I just did which only took me 4 days). The second is to play SRPGs and the SNES RPGs at the same time so that I always have a post to make here each weekend. This might be a better option although I have never liked playing multiple RPGs at once. Or if readers have any other ideas?

Tomorrow or Sunday I will have a new update with Sword World SFC 2 and I have started Tenshi no Uta so I will have updates here for the next few weekends and hopefully I can go more quickly here in the future.

5 thoughts on “Doing more with this blog

  1. cccmar

    I'd probably go 2-to-1, since the lists of SFC/PCE-CD RPGs are way shorter and most of the games around the era you're in are at least decent now. I assume you won't be doing Mega Drive/Mega-CD games (though that's even fewer RPGs than PCE-CD alone I believe), so that would be the most efficient approach. There is no shortage of SRPGs to play, after all, and I'd assume you won't be playing all the SFC RPGs either, since plenty of the newer ones (1994-1996) have translation patches. Just my two cents, it's of course up to you, but that would be my suggestion, if anything.

  2. Kurisu

    I'm only skipping games with official English translations, not patches. (I am allowing myself to stop playing a really bad/boring game if it has a patch, but I've only used that so far for Cyber Knight).

    I'll give 2-to-1 a try and see if that works out better.

  3. PK Thunder

    I like the 2-to-1 idea as well, and agree that playing multiple RPGs at the same time is a headache (unless one of them is a roguelike or something else bite-sized).

    Per cccmar's point, it'd be neat if you did Mega CD games since they have so little coverage but you've already got enough on your plate! My sense is that you have no attachment to that machine, and would be more likely if anything to move into the PlayStation era — is that correct? Plenty of interesting, poorly-documented RPGs there to say the least, and the PS1 often strikes me as a successor to the SNES, stylistically speaking (and for obvious potential historical reasons…).

  4. Kurisu

    Of course I have to always check myself because I'm so drawn to these chronological things for some reason — part of me wants to just start with NES and play everything, but I know that would be rough. Also I keep thinking of doing PSX and Saturn as well but if I keep adding stuff in I will never finish this.


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