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  1. Carlos

    Sorry for the slight offtopic, but I'd like to ask: recently I've been doing some research about a rather obscure snes rpg called "hi no ouji: yamato takeru". The more I look at the screenshots I found, the more it looks like a blend of Madara 2 (which I found fairly mediocre) and the first Odysselya game (which I'm waiting for D-D to finish their translation to give it a try).

    Has anybody here played it and, if so, could tell me if it's more or less worth playing, with a decent enough story, etc? Thanks.

  2. Kurisu

    I know that the game is considered a kusoge with a bad plot, annoying interface, and poor game balance. So of course I'm looking forward to playing it. 🙁

    BTW your warning about Last Battle was accurate. I just finished it last night and it's one of the worst games I've played so far.

  3. Carlos

    Oh. It's a pity. Hi no Ouji looked decent at first sight. The graphics reminded me a little of Madara 2 but with less washed out colors and a slightly darker palette that gives it a pce vibe like Jaseiken Necromancer and other such rpgs.

    Well, I'll end up giving it a try eventually, bit I think I'll put it forward in my backlog.

    Thanks, Kurisu!


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