Five skipped games

The next five games on the list are:

Ys III – Wanderers From Ys: This is not a good game, but it does have a nostalgic value for me. I was able to borrow a Turbo CD from a friend and played a bunch of games, but Ys 1-3 blew me away. This was pre-Super Nintendo and here was a game with unbelievable music played directly off the CD, and animated voiced cutscenes. The voice acting in retrospect is not great, but as an 11 year old it was good enough. Ys III is the worst of the bunch though, and the SFC port is worse than either the original PC game or the Turbo CD one. Play Oath in Felghana instead.

Zenic Reverie covered this game.

Final Fantasy IV/Easy Type: I loved this game as a kid. The storyline was like nothing I had seen in any other RPG — it’s honestly not that great, but it impressed me as a kid. We of course got the “Easy Type” version with some additional simplifications of the system. I played the DS remake a few years ago, which was OK.

Zenic Reverie covered this game.

Legend of Zelda: Triforce of the Gods: Is this an RPG? At one time I was sure it wasn’t, but I think the line between action RPGs and “adventure” games has been blurred. Either way, this is a SNES classic. I remember eagerly awaiting its release. One of the best games for the system.

Lagoon: Except for the music, this is not a great game, but I played it several times as a kid. Symptom of not having money to buy your own games so having to deal with whatever you get for Christmas and birthday.

Zenic Reverie covered this game.

Dungeon Master: I haven’t played this, but I never think much of the console ports of Western-style computer RPGs. CRPG addict did a review of the computer version, and Zenic has covered the SNES version.
Feel free to share your thoughts about any of these games.
Saturday I’ll do the first post for game 2: SD Gundam Knight Gundam Monogatari: The Great Legacy.

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  1. Kurisu

    Good point, I still need to work on the design.

    This is going to be another bad game I'm afraid; it plays like a crappy Dragon Quest clone with Famicom-era interface and graphics.


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