Five skipped games

The next five games on my master list fail one or more of my criteria, so I’ll cover them all here.

Soul Blader: Released in the US as Soul Blazer. I loved this game as a kid. It was a fun action RPG, and it was easy and short enough that I could rent it and beat it over the weekend (or at least play it enough to have fun). Releasing all the souls was always a fun experience as you see the world build up, and I remember it having good music as well.

It’s the first game in what’s often considered a loose trilogy; I love all three games — Illusion of Gaia had a memorable story, and I think Terranigma is one of the best Super Nintendo games.

Zenic Reverie has already covered this game.

Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes: This is a port of a computer game; like many of Falcom’s games it was ported to a bunch of different systems. I’m a huge fan of the Kiseki (Trails) series so I would like to play this at some point, but I’ll probably play the PC Engine (Turbo Grafx) version. Zenic Reverie did this one as well.

Super Inindo Datou Nobunaga: Released in the US as Inindo: Way of the Ninja. This is also a PC port, and was released in English. A friend of mine had it and I remember him not enjoying it, but I don’t remember that much about it.

Zenic Reverie is currently playing this.

Card Master: Seal of Rimsalia: Released in the US as Arcana. I remember playing this as a kid; it was just as a rental so I never finished it, but it’s one of many first-person dungeon crawl games.

Zenic Reverie did this one as well.

Ultima VI: The Ultima games have a lot of bad console ports, and although I’ve never played this, I can’t imagine it’s any good. The PC game is great; I’ve always been a huge fan of the Ultima series and I liked VI’s story even though there were a lot of flaws in the gameplay.

CRPGAddict did the computer version of this.

2 thoughts on “Five skipped games

  1. Zenic Reverie

    Wow, look at all those games I've already played. 😀 Thanks for the links.

    Arcana is done and here as well:

    Ultima VI was released in 1994 (US) I believe, so I'll get to that in about 20 games.

    I should really get the final post on Inindo out, but it was such drudgery that I've been putting it off by taking a bit of a break.

    Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to the next 9 Japanese exclusives you've got ahead of you. Maybe I can reach Paladin's Quest at the same time as you.

  2. Kurisu

    Thanks, I updated the post.

    >I should really get the final post on Inindo out, but it was such drudgery that I've been putting it off by taking a bit of a break.

    This is why I've been really conflicted over how long to play each game — I definitely don't want to drop a game at the first sign of tedium, but I also don't want to be dreading having to play the game or avoiding it completely.


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