SFC Game 25 – Ryuki Heidan Danzarb (Missions 6-10)

Mission 6 – The Lost Forest, Romzo

The mission here is to find a downed Orbal craft and recover the biological weapons.

As the name indicates, this is a confusing map. A lot of the maps in Danzarb take a while to find your way around in because there are a lot of entrances and exits to various maps and you have to go back and forth between them. This one is partially hard because the little icons that let you go to the surface and down underground can be hard to see. Kim can get you some items from the destroyed mechs in the area.

The confusing forest

Once I made it through this area I found the fourth Monoroid pilot, Ran Mu. Both she and Matthew have a strange feeling about what’s going to be in this mission. But in the end, Keith (an enemy commander) appears but doesn’t fight us, and the mission ends.

Mission 7 – The Mystery of Rachel Lab

More strange behavior from leader Selder, who will not let Matthew, Ran Mu, or Saberski (the leader of Danzarb) go on this mission. We have to go to Rachel Lab and save it from Damaya. The Damaya commander who we’ll face is Gabalski, who was the student of Parker, another Danzarb member.


We meet Papillot, a dog-thing that was born in this lab from the genetic engineering it does. Also another member joins along with him. This is a long stage, where you have to find seven orbs around the lab to open various doors and eventually reach the bottom floor. Papillot has the 7th orb. There, we fight Gabalsky.


After we defeat him, the squad is ready to go into the final door, but Selder suddenly orders us to leave immediately. After we go, Gabalsky enters the door himself. He seems shaken by what he’s seen but won’t tell his underlings what was in there.

Mission 8 – Fight in the Tundra

The goal here is to recover a homing unit that Orbal has developed. But the Tattoo Cats are back. We fight them one at a time, although Chiki immediately joins Danzarb because she falls in love with Dick (no pun intended?)

A tattoo cat squad

(Apparently I failed to take good screenshots after this, sorry.)

Mission 9 – Sudden attack! Ranabraf Squad

We need to go get the White Dragon, the fifth and last(?) of the Dragons for our squad. But the Earthshaker gets shot down by the enemy. This doesn’t affect the mission at all. The gimmick in this mission is that we have to solve puzzles in each control room to open up the final area — it’s one of those puzzles where touching a square changes the colors of the squares around it and you have to turn them all red. They’re not all that hard, though. At the end, another one of the enemy commanders, Shaman, attacks. But after the battle the White Dragon appears (with yet another new member, Krishna) and joins the team. If we really have Krishna on our team that should be an automatic win unless he decides to just pilot the ship.

Mission 10 –  The Thief Vincent Appears

This is a short breather mission, which is a relief after the very long missions they had been using previously. Vincent, the thief of the mission title, has broken into a lab. He’s apparently an old war buddy of Sabersky (the leader). Once we find Vincent, he doesn’t fight, but wants to join Danzarb because he says he has a way to end the war. Unfortunately our attempts to hide him fail, and Seldar ejects him from the squad before he can tell us how to end the war — he does say there’s a spy in the Danzarb squad, though.

Depending on how long the remaining missions are I hope I can finish the game this weekend.

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