SRPG Game 5 – Lady Phantom (Stages 2-6)

Stage 2

In the opening movie, a being called Elioche is talking to her servant Makuras, who is one of the Vat. He wants to control Galdoba, and tells Makuras about the Solon troop movements. He then grants Makuras his power and wants him to fight against Solon.

Lady Phantom is resting and playing games, but a new mission comes in: to protect a fleet of supply ships being attacked by a pirate gang under Vat command.

Not a hard mission. Only one troop ship has to survive so you can let them soak up some hits (you do get a bit more XP for each one that survives, but not that much). One thing I didn’t mention about the battle system last time is 誘爆 — that’s an automatic chance for any hit to kill anything. The higher a unit’s BL score is, the less likely that is to happen. Great when it happens for you, not great when the enemies get one.

Stage 3

Captain Spahn, leader of the Galdoba Pirates, is talking to his prisoner Princess Sophia. She wonders why he’s being kind to her, and he tells her he wasn’t always a pirate. Meanwhile the Lady Phantoms have a new mission — to infiltrate the fortress Neo Kyuraso and stop the development of new weapons, and also save the princess.

The new units are attachments to the regular units; they have their own weapons and when your HP go to 0 the unit goes away and you’re back to the regular mech. An easy stage with the extra “life” — one annoyance is that when you run out of weapons with the new units, you can’t choose to jettison them.

Stage 4

This is essentially part 2 of the above mission. The cinema sequence has a flashback with Captain Spahn.

A green haired child, who could that be? Yes, it’s our main character Jennifer. This is Captain Spahn when he was “Christopher”. He’s remembering when his ship was attacked by Vat troops and destroyed.

This stage has three floors. Each floor you either have to visit all the X spots to plant bombs, or kill all the enemies. I found the latter easier, even though you don’t recover HP between floors. This could be hard if you get unlucky and your guys get destroyed, but that didn’t happen to me. You can hide behind the computers and desks to block the enemy shots.

Stage 5

Captain Spahn is ready to confront Lady Phantom but when he notices Jennifer’s necklace he gives back the Princess and leaves. Several days later, they have a new mission  — protect trucks holding new weapons.

The mission is basically the same idea as Stage 2; just move ahead of the trucks and kill all the enemies.

Stage 6 

Captain Spahn is at a party with other Vat luminaries. They’re criticizing him for losing the fortress to 5 girls, but during the talk he’s able to figure out that Commander Denai was the one that attacked the civilian ship he was on so they couldn’t notify Solon about what was going on in the battle. Meanwhile Lady Phantom gets their next mission — destroy supply ships so that they can’t reinforce the enemy.

You get new weapon options in this stage. Several people get weapons that hit everyone in range, or everyone in the hexes around the target. With this I just went straight for the supply ships — after playing the rest of the game I think this was a mistake because you want your characters to be at as high a level as possible in stage 10, which is far more difficult than the first 9 stages. But we’ll get to that in the next post.

The story is pretty light since all the development comes in the short cinematic scenes before battles.

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