SRPG Game 56 – Fire Emblem: Genealogy Of Holy War – Stages 6-8

Stage 6

You start out with a whole new set of people here, and slowly build up your party again. Given the length of this game, it’s almost like two games in one. Lakche and Skasaha are twins, children of Arya and Aeden. I found that Lakche was a great character but Skasaha not so good, even though they should be similar. I think it may simply be the equipment; Lakche starts with the Hero Sword, which is a big help. You can put siblings together and they may get a critical hit bonus.

The first task is to choose between Johan and Johalva, or kill them both. It seems like the best one to take is Johalva; if you conquer the south castle, Julia gets a better attack magic than if you conquer the left one. But neither character is all that good (because early FE hates axes). This was a little tough to do with both armies rushing me, but eventually I was able to get Lakche in there to talk to Johalva. I did have to restart though — the first time I went too slow. Johalva chased Arthur into the mountains and got killed by counterattacks.

The rest of the stage is not too bad.

Stage 7


This stage is quite complex. You start with three separate groups of characters — Leif, Finn, and Nanna at the bottom, Patty and Shannan at the left, and the main group in the NE.

The first group is separated from the rest of the party until near the end of the stage. They start out having to deal with some troops attacking their castle, and another force will come out later. You can abandon the castle (without it being destroyed) and head away. Despite my unpromoted Finn I kept everyone at the castle except Nanna, who went out to deal with the town bandits. This took some coaxing (Finn kept dying) but it worked in the end.

Patty can talk to Shannan and give him a legendary weapon, which makes it fairly easy to keep that team alive provided Patty doesn’t make a wrong move. I moved the main army towards this area, took out all the enemies, and conquered the castle.

Now we have to head south, and recruit Aless. He has a legendary weapon so you have to be careful, but once he’s recruited he’s a great unit. Tinny can also be recruited fairly easily. Now we have to head back up to take over the castle we skipped and rescue Leen (our gen 2 dancer)


The final area’s not too bad except for the boss — the bosses on the whole get much more difficult from this point out. It was helpful to use all of the evade up effects stacking on each other. Next stage we get Folsety again, which is a good boss killer.

Stage 8 

The beginning of this stage has a few units go up to the castle at the top. I found it impossible to actually defend that castle with the annoying spear knights, and so I just abandoned it and took everyone south. It wasn’t that hard to deal with them all near the starting castle before I moved forward.

Recruiting Faval with Patty isn’t too difficult (I may have danced to get her into range).

Sety has Folsety so there’s not too much difficulty with him and these dragons, although a lot of them went around the castle to attack me instead. Bows > Dragons

I got trolled by a thief here that stole 65,000 of my gold and then I wasn’t even able to save the town. Oh well.

One side note — this game reuses enemy faces quite a bit.

He starts out on the first stage as Zane but he appears at least 5 more times. They even did this with some more significant figures, which is kind of strange.

Three stages left!

2 thoughts on “SRPG Game 56 – Fire Emblem: Genealogy Of Holy War – Stages 6-8

  1. Mars

    First time I've ever seen someone say Johalva is better than Johan lol. In this game generally it's horse > no horse, and you can still get resire as the enemies will conquer the southern castle from your allies anyway.

    yeah, the game reuses faces a lot, though it's not really a big deal since most are just generic bosses. though the weirdest one is muhammad in chapter 8, who reuses chagall's face, a major antagonist in the first gen.

    what were your pairing btw? ayra x arden is a weird one lol.

  2. Kurisu

    Arden/Aida, Levin/Fury, Azel/Tilty, Jamka/Aeden, Dew/Lachesis, and Alec/Sylvia.

    I just though Arden/Aida was funny — I hoped there would be some kind of conversations with the pairs.


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