SFC Game 87 – Super Magic Continent WOZZ (Part 2)

I left off last time with three more continents to explore. A few things happen at this point:

  • Money becomes nearly a non-issue, especially when it comes to items. You can easily have 300-500 (or even 999) of healing and MP restoring items. Leona will also learn how to make good MP/HP restoring items as well. This doesn’t make the game a complete cakewalk but it certainly lowers the difficulty.
  • You can start making vehicles to drive on the overworld. These have their own HP and attacks. They can only be made at factories in towns (which is also where you can repair them; you can also buy repairing items).
  • Leona can also make robots for Chun to summon in battle; I basically didn’t use these at all. Apparently there is one good robot near the end of the game but you can permanently miss it by not talking to someone in a town so I did not have it.

The next continent is Undetta, which has zombie, ghost, and skeleton villages.

The basic idea here is that each of the three villages has one guardian that the enemies are trying to destroy; if they succeed it will ruin the continent. A new party member ghost joins here, and we manage to save all three spirits. Next up is Anthill Tower where the boss of this region (Queen Artemis) is found.

After this Madisto leaves the party; too bad because his healing spells are very good. He does teach Chun some of the healing spells but they’re not powerful enough at the moment to be as good. I think this is one of the more difficult parts of the game because you have to work to make the healing sufficient to deal with the damage done by the bosses.

Now we have only the left continent left. The bottom desert part is Illuse, but to get there we need a ship. Leona creates one but first we have to deal with pirates — once the pirates are taken care of, the leader joins and we make it to Illuse. We can also travel around to the smaller islands here and there but there’s nothing game-breaking in any of them.

The goal in this section is to reach the temple at the top. Unfortunately villagers here have been tricked by Balam and we get shut in a prison where we fight all the previous bosses again.

There are also oases. At one of them Leona learns to make a 999 MP restore item which is quite useful. Unfortunately when we reach the temple, Balam’s shadow sends us down into the Dark World.

In the Dark World we get another companion — Ramune, the daughter of the ruler of the world of the dead “Pades” (later we get the lord of heaven “seus”). There’s some optional tournament and cave but I just went for the escape.

The boss here is somewhat challenging because of the 8-hit attack and the still somewhat ineffective healing.

Now it’s on to the last continent, the Demon area. Leona learns to build an airplane here so now we can fly anywhere.

The Demons are actually pretty friendly and don’t seem to like Balam very much. After some adventuring, we eventually reach the Pureland in the sky, where Balam is attacking Seus the king of heaven.

Balam decides to send us back to Earth in an attempt to get us out of his way, but Leona just grabs some inventing stuff and then heads back to Wozz through a portal (before it closes). Now for the final dungeon. I used Vargas (the pirate) as my 4th character since you can get his strongest sword for doing a sidequest of returning kittens to the wind fairy.

Balam has two forms. The first is pretty easy, the second is not.

The main problem is his “arm attack” which does 8 attacks at once and can easily wipe your party or put you in a position where you can’t keep up with the healing. However, his HP are relatively low and by just trying a few times I was able to get lucky enough with the Arm Attack that I won.

However, we don’t get back to Earth as promised. Well, that’s OK, maybe Madisto can help us. At this point the world is empty of monsters. Madisto beckons us to his basement, where there are monsters!

This is the big twist of the game. Madisto had very little magic power, which is bad when you are in the Magic Land of Wozz. He was tired of being looked down on, so he made a portal to Earth. He was the one who sent Balam to Earth to test it out, and now he’s ready to take over the world.

He has one devastating attack that hits everyone. After several losses I did a bit of grinding to move from 57 to 60 (with the help of a code); if you do that you can make the strongest weapons for Leona and Shott. More helpfully, Chun was then faster than Madisto and could always start the round with a full heal. Madisto’s HP are fairly low so it’s not very hard to win from here.

At this point we’re able to use some of Madisto’s remaining stuff to get back to Earth, where Leona is on her way to an invention conference.

I looked at English reviews of this game, and they were quite harsh. People fault the poor graphics (for late 1995), the lack of story development, the lack of character development, and the repetitive battles and dungeons. While I can’t disagree with these criticisms, I invite these people to play the previous 86 games I played and then see how good this is compared to those games!

4 thoughts on “SFC Game 87 – Super Magic Continent WOZZ (Part 2)

  1. Healy

    You mentioned the English reviews, but what do reviews in Japanese say? Is it just seen as mostly average?

    1. kurisu Post author

      Yeah, I just looked at a bunch of Japanese reviews and they also mostly called it a standard B-tier game that is playable but not great. I didn’t see many comments about the plot and characters. The most common criticisms were about the graphics and music, and the slow walking speed. Some people felt the new systems like the “invention” were not developed enough.

  2. Yaeba

    Really enjoyed it when I played it, I ended up buying the physical copy to add to my collection.
    This is a great blog btw, been following it since the superfamicomrpg one you started… I know it must be painful when your playing some of the junk that came out on this system but keep going I’m sure there’s many more people like me who look forward to your updates.

  3. Morpheus Kitami

    Call me crazy, but I don’t think this game looks all that bad. The combat screens all look pretty cool and while the out-of-combat parts don’t look all that special I hardly think that its bad or anything. I can’t think of anything from 1995 that would make me think this is outright bad. I’m sort of curious as to that reasoning, if you remember.


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