Streaming (twitch/YT plan)

One thing I’ve been frustrated by in searching down games for this blog is how many of these games, particularly the older ones, have almost no information on them in Japanese or English. Videos are also scarce in many cases; sometimes there’s only an intro, or a minute or two of gameplay.

I’ve been hesitant to set up a Twitch or streaming youtube (for either of my blogs) because I can’t commit to a regular time, and without that I’m not sure I could get consistent viewership.

What I would like to do is for each game, stream my first session (1-2 hours) so that at least there’s a video for each game with a basic explanation of how the game works, and footage that includes both story sequences and the gameplay.

I don’t know exactly what form this will take or how I’ll do it, but I’ll try to decide that in the next few days. Little Master 2, the game I’m playing now, has a full video playthrough on youtube so I’ll wait until the next game, probably.

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