Super Famicom Strategy RPGs

I wanted to remind everyone of my other blog on strategy RPGs and link all the Super Famicom SRPGs I’ve done so far. The Super Robot Wars entries are just a collection of message board posts I made many years ago when I was playing them, so they may not be as interesting.

I still have around 15 more Super Famicom SRPGs to go.

    2 thoughts on “Super Famicom Strategy RPGs

    1. Anonymous

      I'm slightly irked that you're giving the "other" blog so much priority. You're barely past the midpoint of 1994 here, but over there you're already late 1995 (Tenchi Muyo was released Oct 1995.)

      This blog has the juicier games, at least for me. Looks like I'll have to wait for a long while until I get to read your take on Magna Braban (Nov 1994…)

    2. Kurisu

      I'm actually just alternating game by game, but I think maybe since the SRPGs are longer it seems like the other blog gets more priority. Actually before you even posted your comment I was thinking of changing it to 2-1 favoring this blog, unless the SRPG was short. I'm waiting for a physical copy of Sengoku Cyber so I'm actually doing Sword World SFC 2, Dragon Knight III, and Tenshi no Uta here before going back to the other one.


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