Three skipped games

I’m almost done with Elfaria; I don’t know if I can finish it by today but I should have the final post up on Monday at the latest. I’ll post about the next three games after Elfaria, which I’ll be skipping, then I can change the date of this post later and delete this section.

Burai: Legend of the Eight Jewel Heroes

This was originally a PC88 game that was ported to a number of other computers and consoles, including the Super Famicom. This site includes it as one of the 9 worst SFC RPGs, and everything else I’ve read about it says that it’s a bad port of a game that wasn’t all that good to begin with. So I’ll skip it.

Dragon’s Earth

This game is listed as an SRPG on a few sites but it seems like a strategy game instead, and other sites classify it as strategy. It doesn’t look like it fits my “named characters” criteria, at least. Skip.

Might and Magic II

Great PC game, but I’m skipping all ports of Western computer games in this blog — I’ve already played the PC version anyway. Zenic did the Genesis version, and the CRPG addict did the computer version.

So next up after Elfaria is Xak: The Art of Visual Stage. This is a remake of a PC game but it’s the first action RPG on the blog and seems decent enough, so I’ll give it a try.

2 thoughts on “Three skipped games

  1. monju

    Hey, congratulations! So far you've already suffered through most of the "Big 9" worst titles, just a couple till later!

    Xak seems good. Strange title. DD released a translation patch some months back, but I haven't had time to play it.

  2. Kurisu

    Only 3 left — Bazoo, Gaia Saver, and Shin Sekoku. I've also heard Jojo is really bad, which is coming up soon, but this guy doesn't even have it on his list — maybe that means I can disqualify it as an RPG.


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