SFC 1994 Game list (first half)

I’m going to start making lists of upcoming games that collect what I’ll be playing, skipping, rejecting as not an RPG, etc. This post will cover the first 6 months of 1994. The bold games are ones I’ll be playing.

Sol Moonarge (PCE)

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblems (SRPG, I did this on my other blog)

Brain Lord (Questionable as RPG, came out in English)

Gaia Saver – This is supposedly a kusoge

Emerald Dragon (PCE) – This game is on the SNES as well, but the PC Engine version is supposedly better.

Star Breaker (PCE)

Majin Tensei (SRPG, already played)

Hiouden (SRPG, I did this on the other blog)

Xanadu (PCE) – An original action RPG developed directly for the PC Engine by Falcom

Uncharted Waters II (Questionable as an RPG, English release)

Kabuki Rocks

First Queen: Olnic War

Day of the Idea – By the same people that did Maka Maka, but this is supposedly much better.

Eye of the Beholder (Computer port, English release)

Shin Megami Tensei II

Kenyu Densetsu Yaiba (This is close to an action RPG but doesn’t quite cross the bar for me.)

Kerokerokeroppi’s Adventure Journal

Shadowrun (English release)

Super Robot Wars EX (SRPG, played)

Blue Crystal Rod (Not an RPG)

Princess Minerva (PCE)

Monster Maker – Dark Dragon Knight (PCE) – Another kusoge

Final Fantasy VI (I might actually play this, we’ll see when I get there)

Great Fursuit Adventure: Dream Palace – Another kusoge

Dark Kingdom

Popful Mail (I might play this one; there’s a PCE version as well but it’s substantially different.)

Cosmic Fantasy 4 Part 1 (PCE) – This game got split into two parts; the other 3 CF games have been not great so I’m not expecting a lot out of this one either.

Ultima Gaiden: Plot of the Black Night (released in English as Runes of Virtue II)

KO Beast: Revival of Gaia Complete Edition (PCE)


Zig Zag Cat – I assume this got put on a list because you can buy things and there are towns, but it’s not an RPG.

Brandish (English release)


Quite a few PCE games here — 1994 is really the end of the PCE’s RPG life; there are a handful in 1995 and one in 1996.

8 thoughts on “SFC 1994 Game list (first half)

  1. cccmar

    Nice, good idea when it comes to this list. Here's a couple comments:
    – I'd suggest you do Popful Mail SFC. There's little info about the SFC port in English, and it supposedly deviates the most from the other ports (the PCE-CD port is apparently more similar to the original version for Japanese computers), might be interesting what it has in store.
    – Princess Minerva on the other hand is supposedly almost the same on PCE-CD/SFC, so it probably doesn't matter which version you play through (the PCE-CD version may be better).
    – For Emerald Dragon, PCE-CD version is significantly better, but it may not be a bad idea to play a bit of the SFC version to compare things later on.

  2. Kurisu

    No. At one time I had considered doing that but I'm not going to even consider that until I finish the SNES games.

    There will be both PSX and Saturn games on my other strategy RPG blog.

  3. Kurisu

    Actually I shouldn't say "no" — there's always a chance. If I do, I will treat them like the PCE games where I only play them for a short time unless they're good.

  4. Anonymous

    Or fantranslated, Dream Maze: Kigurumi Adventure. It revolves around wearing animal suits with different abilities and lots of first person dungeoning – not quite fursuits but you can wear a few defeated enemies as suits and gain their powers. It's a slog of a game I never finished but it at least had fun ideas.


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