SRPG Game 27 – Langrisser II (Stages 8-14)

Stage 8

This stage is on a big bridge. You have a turn limit, but it’s really lenient. Bowmen help with all the flyers, and having my own flying squad helped with the crowded bridge at the left. There are reinforcements that come in. I was able to beat Zolm but Vargas was too difficult so I just let him be. One of his minions killed Elwin and I decided I didn’t have the right personnel on that side of the bridge and I didn’t feel like restarting or trying to maneuver people all over there.

Stage 9

You have to defend the people in the castle of this stage as a goal but I’m not sure they can actually lose; there are only two squads against them and with the castle people standing on the walls they have really high defense.

Stage 10

Another slime/monster stage. Unfortunately Riana is gone for a while so other people had to fill her shoes with the Guardsmen. You start off against Lester, but once the monsters show up he switches to NPC and helps out a lot against the water enemies. The rest of the water guys you can lure onto the land where they’re much easier to defeat.

Stage 11

This was the hardest stage so far. There’s an area of fire that keeps expanding, and if you try to play it slowly Jessica will jump out ahead and die. I had to reload many times losing commanders, and even on my winning try the majority of my grunt units died. Apparently there’s some bonus if you keep people alive; I haven’t seen it yet but maybe it’s not actually displayed.

Tornado was a huge help in this stage (both from Hein and the griffon guy). I was able to class up a few people now so I have a Dragon Knight (Sherry) and a Serpent Knight (Lester). Scott made it to High Lord but he left along with Riana.

Stage 12

The ostensible goal is to get the Dark Rod but Egbert filches it before we can get there, so it’s just beating the enemies. The initial ghouls that come at you can do a lot of damage if you’re not careful; I used some spells to weaken them and then finished them off. I would have liked for Jessica to kill most of the slimes but I couldn’t really manage that.

There is a secret level but I decided not to do them this time. They have overpowered items.

Stage 13

This stage felt like a breather after the last few. It’s in a town again and there’s no real time limit, and the monsters don’t rush you. The main difficulty is Vargas, but if you have all your spellcasters against him plus other units he will eventually go down.

Stage 14

I wasn’t actually able to do a lot on this stage. The goal is to take the Langrisser before Leon can get to it. This is easy with Sherry as a flier, and in the end I decided to just take it and leave most of the enemies alive — I hate to give up the XP but I didn’t feel like I was strong enough to hold off Leon. Now Hein can use Ballistas, which is very useful.

Stage 15 is not easy! I’ve already restarted twice and I’ll have to do it again but I think I can beat it this time. 

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