Rarity of games

I’ve been trying to purchase most of the games that I play, partially to support the used game community, but also to get the instruction booklet. I like to at least start the game with only the information in the instructions, and some games I’ve played are obscure enough that even Japanese sites don’t have good information on them. I wasn’t able to get any during Covid because shipping costs would have been through the roof, but cheap(er) shipping has started again. I also typically skip buying the game if the price is over $30 before shipping. I just went through ebay to see the prices of all the games I haven’t bought yet that I have passed in my list. These were the games that were not available for less than $100, which I suppose means they’re the rarest:

  • Nage Libre (SFC) (this was not originally on my list but it’s been added to 1995)
  • Shining Force Gaiden Final Conflict (GG)
  • Heian Fuunden (SFC)
  • Der Langrisser FX (PC-FX)

I think the most expensive was Der Langrisser, which is not surprising given how poorly the PC-FX sold. However, they are all cheaper than Fire Emblem Thracia 776.

Part of me wants to spend whatever I have to in order to get a complete set of CIB strategy RPGs, but I don’t really know what the purpose of that would be.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with Energy Breaker.

2 thoughts on “Rarity of games

  1. Harvester of Eyes

    Really wish Nintendo/IS would just remake or port the Jugdral games already. It's been far too long, and I would take a port of FE4 any day of the week over Three Houses…

    At least MOST SRPGs aren't as pricey as Thracia, Brigandine, or Shining Force CD. Last I checked, SFCD was going for upwards of $400. Perhaps these sort of games are better as investment vehicles…? I notice a lot of the PS1/PS2 games tend to either be cheap as dirt ($10 or less) or moderately expensive ($100 or so), like Kartia, Vanguard Bandits, Saiyuki Journey West, and Rhapsody: Musical Adventure. I have no idea why, but there must be some reason.

  2. Kurisu

    Yeah the English version of SFCD is ridiculous; you can get the JP version for cheaper (I must have paid less than $30 since I have it, but it's $46 now on ebay).


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