The future of this blog

I am now officially caught up with the PCE games, so this blog will return to being mostly SFC games with an occasional PCE intruder. The PCE library continues pretty regularly through 1994 but then drops to just a handful of games in 1995 and a single game in 1996.

Now that I’m caught up here and doing my new blog (This Map is Completed!), here are a few notes about this blog going forward.

  • At one time I had mentioned playing PSX and Saturn games. I’m no longer going to do this. It’s possible I might do a one-off when I get to 1995 just to see what the competitors were doing, but that’s it.
  • I’ve had a buffer, but since I’m switching back and forth between the two blogs, it’s unlikely I will keep the “every Saturday” update schedule here. If there’s no update here on Saturday, it’s because I’m updating the other blog. (Langrisser is taking me longer than I thought it would, so it’s unlikely there will be an update here on Saturday.)
  • I am no longer going to do strategy RPGs on this blog. Instead, when I get to an SRPG, I will link to the other blog or put a placeholder here for later.

At the rate I’m going this is still probably a 10 year project so we’ll see if I’m still around in 2028 to finish Thracia 776.

2 thoughts on “The future of this blog

  1. lucas mother

    Wanted to say how amazing it is that you've managed to stick to the schedule and gotten so far along the list in a consistent way. I love reading your articles about these obscure games and I look forward to many more of them! Thanks a lot!


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