PCE Game 21 – Tenshi no Uta II Part 2

I left off last week on a cliffhanger, where the heroes are going to confront Ramiam in the castle. Now that we have the Sero Ark, we can fly to the castle, although we have to do some fetch quests first for a key and some other things. In the castle, we find the other Ark (Agnea) parked beneath the surface. After beating a monster inside it, the Ark starts to break down.

Farn is able to stop it and get it under control, but this hurts him and he has to stay behind while we go to confront Ramiam. He is waiting deep in the castle, with King Ragnakarn and Riana trapped in a sphere behind him. But once Ramiam uses the Lucifer Cells on Ragnakarn, this seems to restore Riana’s memory, and she remembers her purpose and breaks out of the sphere, rejoining the group as we fight giant Ragnakarn. Once defeated, Shion appears and tries to kill Ramiam, but three Demons from the upper world (who may have been in TnU 1) come and take him to the surface.

Unfortunately Farn has to stay in the exploding Agnea to prevent the Orichalcum from causing a huge reaction that could destroy a continent. So we tearfully leave him behind and head out in the Sero to the initial tower from the beginning of the game, where Riana will take us to the upper world.

Raphael appears and once again refers to Riana’s “judgment”, but leaves as we all float up to the surface world. The party finds itself in the world of the first game, in Penzance Village. Now that they have a map, it’s easy to see that it’s England.

Riana and Fate are the only ones here; the other ones are hopefully on the surface too but we don’t know. Immediately we are tasked with taking a girl named Tiara to Montgomery Castle. The person who gives us this task is none other than a very old Enya, one of the party members of the first game.

It seems that it’s been about 100 years since. Now once we leave the village, there’s a cutscene where the main character from the first game, Kearu, shows up.

After beating Lucifer in the first game, Kearu was cursed to live forever until the Lucifer Cells are all gone, which has become his goal. For reference, here’s what he looked like in the first game:

Raphael also shows up, listening in and hearing that Lucifer Cells are in the upper world as well.

Fate and crew continue to Montgomery, where the King decides that Fate is the one to fix what’s going wrong in the upper world as well — at the moment, this is constant rain that won’t stop (I can sympathize with this right now!). Of course as is normal for RPGs, we need a ship. This involves a fetch quest and then we can take a one-time trip to Ireland. There, at Cork Castle, we’re told that if we get a Eureka Flower (the first quest in TnU1) and offer it to the gods from a high sacred place, that can stop the rain. Fate’s party gets help from a young knight (really a boy) Alef, who is the descendant of another TnU1 character.

Alef tells us about Kearu, especially that if he manages to cleanse all the Lucifer Cells, he will die himself, but that’s still his goal. A nearby cave has the Eureka Flower, which acts as an unlimited heal item. At the top of the tower where we hope to offer the flower, the priest Marius returns, unfortunately taken over by Lucifer Cells.

Once he’s defeated, this is the last of the Lucifer Cells, so Kearu will now die.

Claire, the Angel from TnU1, comes to welcome his soul to heaven.

Now there are some side events you can do that I’ll skip over. The main goal next is to get an actual permanent ship, now that the rain has stopped. Along the way we pick up Dewey and Ranzo from the lower world (Dewey was saved by Fate throwing the sword into the portal). However, what we end up getting is not a ship but an airship!

You can visit the pool from the end of the first game where Claire’s father spoke to her. This time it’s Claire that speaks to you. Now we’re at the endgame. In order to reach the Devil Castle where the final confrontation will take place, we need two swords to cut through a barrier. One is found in a sea temple. At the top of the temple, after recovering the sword, Raphael appears.

It turns out that the rain was actually send by the Angels from the heaven world to destroy humans — this was the judgment that Riana was supposed to announce for the humans. Raphael tries to take Riana away and move forward with destroying the world.

But Fate cries out for Riana, and she’s able to reject Raphael’s influence and stay with Fate. This is the “choice of the fallen angel” of the title, and Raphael seems to accept her choice.

Unfortunately, this is where my playthrough ended. The other sword is found in a cave. When you reach the cave, an event is supposed to happen that opens the entrance. I could not get this to happen. I looked for anything I could online. I pored over the single walkthrough that exists carefully, and went back multiple times to various places, talking to everyone and doing things the walkthrough mentioned to see if anything would happen, but I could not get the event to happen. This could be an emulation bug. More likely, there’s some small thing I missed that the walkthrough (and diary) writers did without realizing it was necessary to open the cave.

Fortunately I can use the play diary to at least see what happens in the story. The Devil Castle opens with the two swords, and the party heads through, fighting the three subdemons that had taken Ramiam away. Once you reach Ramiam, all the rest of the party members (except Fahn) show up, and you get to freely pick 3 of them to fight Ramiam Satan, the final boss.

Once you beat Ramiam, he tries to capture Riana again, but Shion kills him with the Magic Sword he grabs from Fate. The ending scene has the wedding of Riana and Fate. Fate thinks he sees Shion for a moment, but he disappears — was it an illusion? The end.

So this is not a bad game. The story is decent, especially for 1993. The gameplay is braindead but that’s to be expected — at least with the speedup key it’s not annoying. I just wish I had been able to actually finish the game!

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