Welcome! (Sticky post)

Thank you for visiting; this is a blog that chronicles my playthroughs of various Super Famicom, PC Engine, and general strategy RPGs. Feel free to respond here to introduce yourself, let me know what your favorite SRPG is, whatever.

I generally update on Saturday or Sunday. I play one strategy RPG, then two Super Famicom (or PC Engine) RPGs.

I’ve now finished the links to all the previous posts, so you can use the links at the top to see the full list of played games so far. Also, if you are only interested in certain types of posts, you can filter by categories (see the bottom of the sidebar). The three categories are Strategy RPGs, Super Famicom RPGs, and PC Engine RPGs.

If you want an RSS feed, this link should work: https://www.rpgblog.net/?feed=rss

6 thoughts on “Welcome! (Sticky post)

  1. JaviRPG

    I see that you have created a website that reunites all the content from your blogs. Congratulations!! I’ll follow it to enjoy the news, as always. Best of lucks!!

  2. Mason

    Was looking to make a SRPG list for several retro consoles and ran into this while struggling to make a full PSX list. Very useful information and very cool blog. Rock on buddy, keep living your dream!

    My retro goal currently is playing all of 5 genres with 5 consoles. Might never complete it but its fun.

    I don’t do a blog just record gameplay of all the games I play on my YouTube channel ‘Extraordinary Thumbs’ and rate them all 1-100. In my endless impossible adventure to beat every game.



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