SFC Game List end of 1995

Time for the end of 1995, and it’s a pretty stacked list. Here’s the full list with the games I will actually be playing:

  • Odysselia 2 – I played the first one quite a while back.
  • Tactics Ogre – Already done.
  • Linda Cubed (PCE) – One of the three remaining PCE games on the list.
  • World Creation (Terranigma) – This is one of my favorite games so I’m looking forward to playing it again.
  • Light Fantasy II – Sequel to a kusoge, unfortunately this one doesn’t have a much better reputation.
  • Maten Densetsu
  • Tenchi-Muyo Game-hen – Already done.
  • Romancing Saga 3 – I hope this is better than 1 and 2.
  • Dokapon Gaiden – This is another one of those board game-RPG hybrids.
  • Mystery Dungeon 2 – I don’t consider these real RPGs.
  • Dragon Quest VI – Yay!
  • Seiya Monogatari (PCE) – The penultimate PCE game.
  • Beast and Blade
  • Tales of Phantasia – I have already played this but I’ll make a post about it.
  • Tengai Makyo Zero – Will probably use the English patch in honor of byuu/near.
  • Farland Story II – Already done.
  • Record of Lodoss War
  • Super Chinese World 3
  • Sangokushi Eiketsuden – Already done.
  • Ys V – I think I will play the Expert version.

4 thoughts on “SFC Game List end of 1995

  1. Carlos

    I look forward to reading your thoughts about Oddysselya II. I was lucky to be able to help with the betatesting for an English translation for that game, and found it to be a fairly solid one, with a nice story and good graphics and music.

    Also, despite it will probably turn out being a kusoge, I’m intrigued with Light Fantasy II. I’ve watched some let’s plays and it shows some promise at least. It has lots of varied and colorful settings and the character’s artwork is nice, as well as having the charm of jrpgs from that time. I wanted to play it for years back when the snes began to be playable on pc via emulation, but sadly it was never translated. Now, maybe it will pale compared to the much better jrpgs I’ve played after all this time.

    I’m not sure if the English translation for TM Zero has anything to do with Byuu/Near, though. It never made clear to me whether the translation project was remade from scratch by Tom, DDS and FlashPV, or they took over from Byuu’s work.

    1. kurisu Post author

      I know that they helped at least with some of the hacking and getting emulators able to play it; I don’t think they did the translation or most of the work though.

      Light Fantasy II is probably better than I, but LF1 is so bad that it’s nearly unplayable, and would be unplayable without some glitches to exploit. If I had to choose the absolute worst game I have played so far for this blog, LF1 would be a definite contender.

  2. Kicksville

    The original Ys V really is as weirdly easy as everyone says – there are bosses who you kill before you can even see what they do.


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